Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back to Work! Yikes


I have been off on maternity for the past year, well actually it has been 14 months because i had an extension, and now it will all be over in a matter of days.

I would love to hear from other Moms who have been through this, as I actually feel a little in denial that I will really be back in that routine again. It's almost like I feel I just have to do one day and that's it.

I have been trying to plan and get myself adjusted to a routine of getting up again (no more jammie mornings ;) and actually my daughter has been getting up before 7am for a while now so that helps a little. I just can't imagine how we will all get to where we need to go on time.

I am going to terribly miss the daytime cuddles and the freedom that comes with being home. I really actually feel guilty about going back to work, and secretly wish I did not have too.

I still am working on coming up with ways to earn income at home,

So please let me know your HELPFUL HINTS and Suggestions for how to make this transition easier


  1. Hi,
    I feel your pain! I just went back 5 weeks ago after 14 months off. There really is no great way to say this but "It Sucks" Sorry, better to rip the bandaid off fast!
    I crazy about calenders and scheduling. I find it helps the whole family if they have a visual cue for when and where everyone is each day. This is especially important for part-time working moms.
    My daughter suffered seperation anxiety. To ease her transition from my hip to the arms of a wonderful daycare provider I used technology. I sent a digital photo frame in her diaper bag. If she got lonely our sitter would show her the pics of us. I also skyped into say hi for the first little while. I know, who would have thought that skype could help transition a STAHM to Working Mom.
    Good Luck! Hope it all goes smoothly. Remember to give yourself and your family lots of time to adjust to the new life you'll be living.

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