Friday, June 18, 2010

Who's your Daddy!

Life with a one year old as most of you know is unpredictable, as they are learning, exploring and making sense of their world.

My little J is soon to be 13 months and is learning to expand her vocabulary with each passing day. Her favorites are Uh-Oh, Dag-ge (Doggy), WOW, and of Course DADDY ( She is truly a Daddy's girl) I get the odd Mum-ma ( but always in a whiny tone and only when she wants something)

As she is making sense of her world, and testing out her words,it is truly adorable to hear her *talk*.

Now for the funny part, it is her willingness to use the word DADDY.
She of Course recognizes her own Daddy but that does not stop her from calling out to most other men we pass in the stroller, or meet in the grocery store and call them Daddy!

It happpened again today, but this time it was to one of our neighbours. I really hope the neighbours don't talk because she also has a "Daddy" who lives up the street, and I might start to get a reputation for getting around *LOL*

It is always good for a chuckle as the men we meet are often WAY older, I'm talking 70-80 years+, and she does not discriminate against different ethnic backgrounds as well.

So if it were up to her it seems Daddy is preferably an older man from a different ethnic background *grin*

It is funny that she has never said this to any younger guys. When it actuality her Mommy did "rob the cradle" but only by a year!

So as this Father's Day Approaches and little J celebrates her own Daddy, I am reminded how Special Daddies are for many little girls, I know my Dad will always hold a special place in my heart too.

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