Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Nothing like packing up your house to move to make you REALLY See how much STUFF you have.

After only three years in this house we seem to have accumulated what looks like many years worth of STUFF, and this is after having a garage sale. I can only imagine what it would look like after several years in one house.

We have packed up pretty much everything, and have lived with just the "Essentials" for the past week. After doing that, it was plainly clear that we have just TOO MUCH STUFF, as we haven't touched the boxes, or even missed what was in them.

I am in for a serious de-cluttering session in the new house, which I hope to keep free from clutter (gotta love basements!) and I hope that this move will keep me from accumulating too much STUFF again. BUT, Seriously! Who am I kidding,
I am not one to resist a "SALE", and find it difficult to "part" with things, because I "just might need it one day". I really wonder if I have a mild case of the "hoardies"

In reality, though, That day has never come,so I really should get rid of things......SOMEDAY!!!

Does anyone else have this attachment to "STUFF"??


  1. Hi Corrie,

    I've just finishing some renovations on my house that I've been at for the last 10 years. I tried to take everything in the basement. OH!My word! I was not ready for the amount of clutter. My husband wants his man cave back but I do not want all the stuff back upstairs because I'm going for a more cleaner look! I've given some stuff to charity (too lazy for a garage sale). So, yes, I hear you! I have the same mental construct: what if I might need it someday...

    I'm from WW and a new follower! :D


  2. I am starting to believe "stuff" just comes into my house and starts living here. I don't even remember why I thought I needed some of it - so clearly, I didn't!

    Last week I went to Target and bought a bunch of plastic tubs to try to get better organized. If something doesn't make it to the tubs - out it goes.

  3. I'm a new follower from Welcome Wednesday...I realize I'm posting on the wrong thing, but I had to post on this one! We moved 18 months ago after my husband had been in our house for 12 years and I'd been there about 5 or 6. We had (still do!) SO MUCH JUNK! We can't fit our cars in the garage here. We're renting for now, so there's hope that when we move to our forever house I'll be able to put things away. But yes, we have a bunch of stuff as well! We got rid of quite a bit before and after the move, 3 porch loads to goodwill and a bunch to my BIL's. Doesn't help that my husband was the only one that had space to store stuff when his grandma and mom died, so we had quite a bit of their stuff stored in our house!

    So sorry to ramble so's early and I'm on my first cup of coffee still. I just had to share, you're not the only one! I'm going nuts with how cluttered things are at this house!

    Happy Wednesday!


  4. Oh back home my parents had/have this problem. If they weren't buying something new, they were buying something used, and my dad was always finding something. I think there is almost every "As Seen on TV" thing-a-majig in their home. Yeah, so they moved to a much smaller home and had to downsize which to my dad meant buying a humongous shed that is almost as big as the small home they bought (smh)and whenever one of us mention "yard sale" my poor dad gets fidgety and nervous lol. I am so afraid of catching this and for years if I saw something laying around in my home (other than my crafts :) )that I hadn't used in 6 months or so? I would either give it away, sell it or throw it out.

  5. gross, i hate moving. think i've done so like 15 times now - and we're on the look out to do so again soon. :/ the only good that comes from it is the purging... good luck!
    (following from WW!)

  6. Following from Welcome Wednesday! I hate packing! I have tons of emotional baggage I am not willing to part with!

  7. I just moved cross country and got rid of half my stuff. Not only have I acquired more, but I still have a bunch of stuff I don't need. Can't believe I paid to move it! What the hell is all this stuff???

    Great post!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner

  8. I know what you mean, me and the kidlet have plenty of STUFF! Sheesh! Good luck with the move
    Stay Fabulous

  9. I sure do...papers, magazines, articles, clippings of all sorts..and all important, but what are you going to do. I'm not throwing them out - It's my life, but Good Luck with your move! Hello, I'm here from the Wednesday blog hop and your newest follower. Congratulations on being spotlighted. Hope you'll come visit and follow my blog too. Thanks.

    @ Hauplight

  10. just found your blog and starting to follow it. We moved three years ago and the thought of doing it again scares me... I think you fill up your new space so quickly. good luck