Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Where I've Been

AHHHH, I'm back all renewed and refreshed...gotta love a little time away. I was at a place with no phone and no computer for One week. Now for some of you this would be Horrific, but with the lake and nature surroundings and family around I surprisingly did not miss the computer. I caught up on reading, played board games and went for walks in the evenings when I normally would be infront of the TV or computer.

Another fun thing was seeing my daughter's reaction when her little toes and feet touched sand for the first time. She was not too sure about the whole experience!

Now back to reality! Here are a few pictures from Lambton Shores, Ontario, CANADA


  1. Joining you from Welcome Wednesday. It's great to get away sometimes! Looks like you had a great setting for relaxation! I try to completely unplug every weekends and just focus on family. Computers and TV can be so addicting!!
    I hope you can buzz by my blog tomorrow for Thursday's Train to Facebook to gain more Facebook fans and "meet" some great new people!

    Buzzing the Day Away

  2. Hi! I'm following from WW blog hop. I'm looking forward to reading more. Tina "The Book Lady"

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    I'd love to have you follow me when you have a chance. =D

  3. Hi there! Im a new follower from Welcome Wednesdays =) Those are some really nice pics! Thanks for sharing!